The Sandtray Process

Sandtray is a therapeutic tool for self expression and healing. You are invited to choose from a wide selection of miniature symbolic objects, from the ordinary to the magical, and arrange them in a large box of sand. The scene that is created becomes an external representation of your internal experience.


When your unfolding story is displayed non-verbally you can witness it from a new perspective and see the potential for making positive changes. By dramatizing the objects in the sandtray, life challenges are seen to be dynamic and fluid. Often the resolution of a conflict can be found by simply rearranging the items in the sandtray, creating a new vision to move towards.
The Sandtray Process is highly intuitive. As the unconscious reveals itself through symbols, you gain clarity and insight. Pre-verbal feelings find expression through the spontaneous use of visual imagery.

By tapping the wisdom inherent in the creative process, you develop trust that the psyche, given the opportunity, will lead you to wholeness and growth.


Resolve relationship conflicts
Clarify life purpose
Heal past trauma
Explore the ‘shadow’
Ease life transitions
Overcome addictions
Create a new vision for the future
Reconcile paradox
Enhance creativity
Explore spirituality

Half and full day workshops are available for groups with 4-6 participants. Individual sessions are 1 hour.

Comments from Participants: 

“Laurie Hope is a sensitive and splendid guide to the unconscious through sandtray therapy. It is a creative way of self-discovery as well a positive step towards realizing our dreams.”
  Catherine Ann Jones,
screenwriter and author of 
The Way of Story

“I didn’t expect the process to lead me to such profound realizations and self-understanding.” 
-Susan Carney, LCSW

“The sandtray process made working with a heavy issue really creative and enjoyable. Laurie creates a wonderful atmosphere of safety and acceptance.”
-Kris Hall, MFT

“Deconstructing my sandtray was as revealing as constructing it!”
-Bill Fannin, L.Ac.



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