Laughing Buddha Camp

Integrating Meditation and Mirth: classes, workshops, and retreats

Laugh like Buddha: Listen to 30 seconds of MIRTH — You’ll be glad you did!

Coming Soon

Laughing Buddha Camp is my next project. Please send me an email if the idea has piqued your interest and I’ll keep you posted!

Instructor BIO

Laurie Hope has had numerous impeccable spiritual teachers. Many spent their childhoods in Tibet studying ancient texts, engaging in rigorous meditation practices and receiving esoteric initiations. Meanwhile, Hope spent her formative years watching The Flintstones and Lost in Space and doing macrame. At an early age she was recognized to be an incarnation of Ieta Kielbasa, third cousin once removed to Heraclitus.  As a student of Eastern religions at UCSB, she amazed the academic community with her treatise on “the Zen of Juggling”, complete with live demonstration (see link below). As required by all liberal Jews born in the 1950s, she spent several years living with a Guru, learning to chew her food mindfully. Like many would-be-saints, she logged in decades of suffering through chronic illness only to discover that her third chakra was missing. To the astonishment of the medical community, it is slowly growing back.

vintage juggling footage:



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