Hypnotherapy helps people harness their inner resources to improve their physical, emotional and mental well-being. Hypnosis is simply a state of deep mental relaxation with focused awareness. You remain alert and in control at all times. What you will experience is similar to daydreaming or the focusing that occurs when you are engrossed in a good book or movie. In this state you are very attentive and responsive to new ideas and positive possibilities.

Hypnosis can help you to: 

Manage stress
Control pain
Lose weight
Stop smoking
Prepare for surgery
Overcome fears
Develop intuition & creativity
Access deep healing reservoirs

Private 1-2 hour sessions are tailored specifically to your individual needs and concerns. You will be guided into deep relaxation and given specific suggestions to address your issues. A complementary CD or mp3 of your session will be given to you for home practice.

“Laurie is one of the best hypnotherapists I’ve experienced during my 30 years of exploration in this area.  She is intuitive, highly skilled, and compassionate.  I recommend her to my friends and family members who are searching for an excellent therapist of integrity and balance.”
-Carol McKnight, CHT, Healdsberg, CA


Many physical symptoms are the manifestations of accumulated stress and are greatly influenced by our thoughts, feelings and attitudes. Simple self-hypnosis techniques can help you cope more effectively with life’s stressors. Learning to self-regulate can result in a decreased need for medications and a return to a more balanced, whole, and healthy life.

“Guided meditations with Laurie Hope take me deep within myself. Within moments I feel deeply rooted, relaxed, and ready to explore my own inner wisdom. I use Laurie’s cd’s almost exclusively to help with tension, anxiety relief, and reconnecting with myself. Each meditation is like a vacation that takes me away from the mind chatter that often steers me off course. Laurie’s meditations are an invitation to learn how to soothe yourself while feeling safe and deeply relaxed”.
-Wanda Vagt


Autosuggestion has a powerful affect on the body’s ability to heal itself. By visualizing the responses you want while in a deep relaxed state, you are mentally preprogramming your experience. Your expectations and your level of relaxation about your surgical procedure are important in speeding your recovery and improving the overall quality of your experience.

Hypnosis to prepare for surgery is designed to help you:

Relax and sleep soundly before and after surgery
Easily tolerate anaesthesia
Increase comfort and minimize pain
Minimize complications
Feel prepared and confident
Speed recovery


Hypnosis is a safe and natural way of influencing the autonomic functions in the brain. Numerous medical studies have proven that hypnosis can influence healing rates, skin temperature, pain levels and many bodily processes that are not ordinarily under our conscious control. You can learn to manage the side effects of many cancer treatments, especially nausea, by addressing any anticipatory fears and sensory triggers that contribute to them.

The more you can tolerate the effects of treatment, the better your healing outcome will be. Maintaining a positive outlook, attitude and expectation is an important part of this process.

Having a serious illness and facing unpleasant treatments can be extremely frightening. Hypnosis can teach you to feel calm, nurtured and deeply relaxed in any circumstance. Increasing your sense of well-being can help mobilize a healthy immune response.

Specific suggestions for your individual circumstances can help you to:

Feel more comfortable
Minimize side effects
Reduce pain, nausea, and fatigue
Boost the immune response
Protect healthy tissues and cells
Sleep soundly
Feel emotionally supported
Speed the recovery process

Any illness brings opportunity for healing on many levels. Working with the mind, psyche and spirit as well as the body promotes healing and can bring a new sense of inner peace.

“These recordings helped me through the most challenging and difficult time in my life: Dealing with cancer treatments. While listening to the recording I was able to relax and sometimes listening to Laurie’s voice helped me fall asleep. Her voice is soothing, the words spoke directly to me, and were just what I needed to hear.  It was a great relief. I don’t know what I would have done without this daily relaxation and motivation.”
– K. Maxe, Cancer Survivor


Relaxed, confident mothers have easier deliveries.  When we are afraid, our body diverts blood and oxygen away from organs that are not essential to defense (which include the uterus) to large muscle groups in our extremities.  When a birthing woman is free of fear, all the muscles in her body, including the uterine muscles, are more relaxed, resulting in a smoother,  shorter delivery, and deeper bonding.

Hypnosis can help remove the barriers of fear and anxiety associated with the birthing process as you learn to deeply relax and trust in your body’s natural instincts.  Numerous medical studies have proven that hypnosis is a powerful tool for controlling a variety of physiological functions including pain. You can learn to alter your perception of pain and to control the production of your body’s own natural anesthesia (endorphins).

You will feel confident that you are prepared on all levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. The result is a calm and comfortable birthing and a more positive and loving welcome for your baby.


Reduces labor time
Greatly reduces or eliminates the need for drugs
Fewer complications and less fetal distress
Reduces anxiety and pain
Increases energy throughout the birth process and afterwards
Promotes bonding of mother and baby
Rapid postnatal recovery
More efficient lactation
A more contented baby
Allows birth to be a relaxed, secure, joyful experience


Musicians  – Singers – Actors  – Public Speakers

Have you ever had stage fright? Or performance anxiety, sweaty hands, shaky legs, cracking voice, nausea, palpitations or dread?

Did you ever wonder what it would be like to FEEL COMFORTABLE during a performance and actually RELAX and ENJOY yourself?

Hypnosis has been proven highly effective in helping people overcome performance fears.  As you challenge limiting beliefs and outdated self-images, tremendous energy can be freed up and directed into your performance.  Learning the simple tools of autosuggestion can help you calmly approach your next performance with confidence.

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