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CREATIVE AGING: The SAGE* Guide to Group Facilitation

SAGE (*Senior Actualization and Growth Explorations, Inc.) was founded in 1974 by Gay Luce to explore how growing older can be a rich, creative experience in a culture which has negative attitudes about aging. Designed to maximize the vitality and well-being of older adults, the SAGE program was the first of its kind.

Since then, thousands of participants have demonstrated that it is possible to transcend the myths and stereotypes of aging, and that the second half of life can be a time of profound personal growth.

SAGE’s success lies in its holistic approach which offers activities for the body, mind, heart and spirit, in a stimulating, supportive and loving group environment in which personal growth occurs naturally.

Creative Aging: The SAGE Guide to Group Facilitation by Laurie Hope is a practical manual which contains everything you need to know about starting and running a group of your own, or incorporating these ideas into existing programs. The program format can easily be adapted to groups with any common focus such as teens, parents, bereavement, or illness support.

Chapter topics include leadership philosophy, techniques for group facilitation, community building, program planning and outreach.  Creative Aging also gives you numerous exercises and activities designed to foster self-knowledge and self-healing. Topics and exercises include:  relaxation, breathing,  meditation, guided imagery, movement, communication skills, touch, massage, art processes, creative writing, and over 150 topics for dyad or group discussion.

Creative Aging: The SAGE Guide to Group Facilitation comes in a 3 ring binder so pages can conveniently be removed for easy use. The price is $25.00  plus shipping.  Please fill in the REPLY form at the bottom of this page if you’re interested in ordering.


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